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alfabettezoupe's Journal

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there is no sara, only zuul
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I'm no ordinary girl in an ordinary world.
30 rock, 80s teen movies, atlanta, banana pudding, banana split sundaes, barbados, bare escentuals, basketball, being barefoot, being green, black humor, bones, books, bossa nova, boston legal, bpm, california, cbs, cbs paramount, cbs television studios, cheez-its, cherry limeades, chinese food, coachella, coca-cola, cold orange soda, cooking, cruises, csi, cupcakes, dallas, dan oh, dane cook, dashboard confessional, days of our lives, death cab for cutie, del taco, democrats, dim mak, dj am, domestic goddesses, ej wells, ejami, entourage, episcopalians, er, fall out boy, flash forward, flip flops, flirtinis, ghost hunters, gilmore girls, glee, gossip, government, grey's anatomy, hawaiian punch, high thread count sheets, history, hollywood, hung, iheartcomix, in-n-out, ipods, ivy, jack johnson, keith haring, kevin and bean, kroq, la private, last.fm, law, liberals, life, logan echolls, los angeles, los angeles lakers, marc chagall, mexican food, mix cds, movies, music, odwalla, orbitz bubblemint gum, ozomatli, paranormal phenomena, paranormal state, phantom planet, pinkberry, politics, pop culture, pop punk, private practice, rcrdlbl, red door, red heads in bed, religion, root beer, saturday night live, scion tc, sharp cheddar cheese, shopping, socal, staying in bed, strawberry lemonade, strawberry yogurt, supernatural, surf rock, surfers, surfing, ted talks, television without pity, texas, the beach, the ditty bops, the hills, the mighty mighty bosstones, the oc, the office, thee mike b, them jeans, trader joe's, trv$djam, turntablism, tv, ugly betty, vegetarians, veronica mars, viacom, we smirch, west indian girl, xlr8r

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